Important information on coronavirus Infection (Thee extension of period)

In accordance with the social responsibility and prevention of infection, all the employee must regularly use facemask, keep the hand clean and take temperature before the duty.

We are now introducing Telework for all head-office employee to prevent further.
The all employee at IGA Factory will continue daily temperature monitoring before on duty, and regularly use facemask and sanitizing to prevent infections.


From 30th March 2020 (Mon) till 19th Jun (Fri) subject to change because of the surrounding situation


Telework at Osaka Head-office
During the said period usual daily work will be conducted from remote office and inquires via homepage will be entertained.

Head office telephone line (06-6948-6411) shall be automatically transferred to
IGA Factory

We apologize any inconvenience it may cause during the said period, and we do hope the epidemic will over soon.