Effort for the Environment

Environment Policy

FUJI SEISAKUSHO CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “FUJI”) should all conduct environmental conservation activities under the policy as below in order to understand the importance of the global environment, to harmonize with it globally and locally, to contribute to create a more affluent society through our activities.

1. Environment Policy (Slogan)

“Conserve any resources”

2. Action Course

1) Through understanding the influence on the environment from our activities, products and services, we conduct

① Effective use of resources

② Improving energy efficiency

③ Increasing recycle and Decreasing industrial waste

④ Developing eco-friendly products

2) To make our best efforts to prevent the environmental pollution such as hazardous substances through continuous activities of ISO 14001.

3) Compliance with regulations, codes and bylaws in relation to the environment.

4) To set environmental objectives to continuously reduce the burdens on the environment. Also the objectives will be revised as appropriate.

5) To make all employees understand their roles in the green activities as well as the policy.

※ The Environmental Policy is also available for the public by leaflets.

Yoshihide Murakami
Representative Director and President
January 29th, 2010