The ability to deliver as an internationally standardized corporationISO-Certified

ISO9000 certified. Fist certificated issued in our industries.
Build international standard.

ISO9001 ISO14001

FUJI becomes the leading company in the field of press bearing maker. Our quality level is high appreciated, but FUJI is never satisfied, but aiming to higher level. FUJI was certified ISO9001 and ISO9002 in 1998 with company-level co-operation.
FUJI was first company Certified by ISO9000 series among Press Bearing maker. Based on this global standard, FUJI is reforming and improving constantly on the R&D, Production and delivery.

Our resolve towards the global environment and heightened challenge in the international arena


Concern on global environment and challenge to the global market.
In 1999, FUJI was certified ISO14000 ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS. We believe ISO9001 and ISO14001 are two important factor as to be the international standard company.

Aiming at The Acquisition of IATF16949
(Old TS16949)

FUJI aim to be the IATF16949 family. FUJI’s challenge to the next stage continues with company-level management.