Corporate Philosophy

■Management Philosophy:

  1. Strictly maintain promised standards of quality.
  2. Provide development efforts for and information concerning advanced technology from a global perspective.
  3. Be a corporation of good faith where employees can freely share their opinions.
■Corporate value
Develop new products and services which are not exist yet and create “Civilization and Culture”
■Toward the frontiers
To develop the products which contribute people and the recycling-oriented society, FUJI aim to produce the products which continue to work without limited resource and develop sustainable energy.
■Activity slogan
To master the system and craftsmanship which guarantee the high quality product
■Guidelines for Action:
“Now more than any other is the time for collective corporate strength.”
●-The Customer Comes First
We will continue to do our utmost to cultivate a sense of trust and security between us and our clients so that we may continually identify with them on an operational level and consistently provide them with reliable quality and the finest services.
●-Becoming a professional in what we do
Being a professional in one’s work means, “strictly maintaining the importance of time (deadlines), finances (cost) and product offerings (quality), planning, executing and carrying through the task at hand and achieving results in the midst of the numerous restrictions that exist in one’s greater environment.” We aim to hold conviction in our work and be professionally active on a global scale.
●-Being a manufacturer
Through a nonstop flow of creative ideas and planning and development efforts, we aim to bring forth “things” that are necessitated by society, and strive to become an “intellectually creative group” that reflects progress and improvement with each passing day.
●-Contributing to the world as a whole
With “safety & security” as a core theme of ours, we seek to remain a presence that contributes to the materials handling industry, regional society, environmental protection, our clients and our employees and their families.
●-Retaining unified values
We aim to have all of our employees approach the same objectives and goals from the same level, and ensure that they continually do their utmost in tackling their work through “approaching all matters straightforwardly and head-on, forming a concrete ‘sense’ of the meaning and purpose of those matters, reflecting on and discerning the issue at hand and executing and completing the task set forth.”
●-Collective corporate strength
We aim to foster “collective ability as a corporation” through having each individual employee maintain the desire for self-improvement, work towards cultivating their general overall abilities and increase their “capacity as a human being, ability to work in a team, creative potential, planning capacity, negotiation ability, capacity for judgment and problem-solving ability.”