In our mission to become a true internationally standardized corporation
Message from President

FUJI has started the pressed bearing manufacturing business when it began producing bearing retainers. Since then, we have been continuing to keep abreast of trends in the materials handling industry and have strived relentlessly in the operational areas of development, design, production and sales to culminate in the 77th anniversary of our organization.

In 1970, we secured a sales agreement and technology-sharing alliance with the German-based Interroll (currently based in Switzerland) which prompted us to commence sales of conveyor components. Since then, these and pressed bearings represent our two core businesses, through which we have successfully globalized the operations of our organization.

Subsequently, in order to address increasingly diverse needs, we acquired ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification in 1998 and 1999. As such, all of us at FUJI were able to take a significant new step towards our long-awaited goal of becoming an internationally standardized corporation. Furthermore, through instituting a system and rules that unified manufacturing and sales, we have achieved “synchronized manufacturing and sales management” that thoroughly eliminates any wasteful elements. Furthermore, through implementing an original LCA (Low-Cost Automation) system developed by us, we have successfully established a production framework capable of handling all stages of the process, from component processing to assembly, inspection and shipping.

Currently, FUJI is taking its 77 year’s-worth of materials handling technology accumulated through our singular focus on that domain and applying it to the manufacturing of a diverse line of products that reflect our knowledge of pressed bearing and conveyor roller development and other know-how. We accomplished the development of the automotive precision parts to be based on producing various products by the company know-how.

In the future as well, we will keep pace with the development of the worldwide logistic market and continue to breathe innovation into the areas of production and distribution. We wish to develop the fields such as robots, medical care, the welfare industry at the same time, we continue maintaining our principle of “boosting our collective corporate strength now more than ever,” and endeavoring towards becoming a “true internationally standardized corporation” that is capable of contributing to both the global environment and regional society.

FUJI intends to continue moving forward as the industry’s leading manufacturer of conveyer components to meet and exceed the expectations placed on us, and hope to continue benefiting from your support and guidance in this regard.

Yossy (Yoshihide) Murakami