In our mission to become a true internationally standardized corporation
Message from President

Since we started our business in 80 years ago, we are always in the Bearing business and Material – Handling business. During these 80 years, the name of an Era (Japanese dating system) has been changed from SHOWA to HEISEI, and we have experienced, so called, the Drastic Economic Growth and IT Renovation during SHOWA and HEISEI era. New REIWA (beautiful harmony) era is beginning of AI and Super Automatic generation.

In order to co-op with the rapid changing business environments, we have started the procurement of the foreign made bearing. In 2012 we have started the mass production of high-end model of vehicle parts and this achievement has led us to challenge in the fields of Aerospace Industry, Robot Industry and Medical Industry. We have already started the developments of the High precision products and the Multi-direction movement wheel (self-drive).

In 2017, we have moved to new factory and improved and innovated our production line.
In 2018, we have established our subsidiary in Shanghai, China and in 2019 FUJI SEISAKUSHO SINGPORE PTE LTD has been established in Singapore. We have successfully created the World-wide procurement and World-wide sales network.

Although the environment surrounding our company is always changing, under our business philosophy of “Commitment to the Promised Quality”, all the employee compulsory have to undergo the at least the level 3 of Quality Management and Quality Control examination and also our new factory has been designated as the non-smoking factory. Moreover, we wish to ensure that all the people enjoy peace and prosperity through the SDGs program. In addition, in order to contribute to the planet and recycling-oriented society, we aim to produce the product which continues to move without limited resource and will create sustainable energy.

Toward next 100th and 200th anniversary, we shall create the new products and service which is not exist yet in the world and we shall strive the creation of “Civilization and Culture”. We shall position this as our FUJI’s cooperate value

Taking this opportunity, we would like to ask all stakeholders for their continued guidance and support.

Sonically yours,

Yossy Murakami