The ability to deliver as an internationally standardized corporationISO-Certified

Working towards creating a global standard: the first ISO9000-certified company in the industry

ISO9001 ISO14001

FUJI has long maintained the highest standard within the domain of pressed bearings. However, even if quality precision is at a satisfactory level when confined only to this field, the standards expected as one moves higher up the plane become more stringent. Rather than remaining content with its past accomplishments, FUJI elected to create a series of higher-level quality management systems. One of these systems, and the company-wide efforts that surrounded it, culminated in FUJI being granted the ISO9001/ISO9002 certification in 1998. This ISO9000-series certification, a global standard of quality management, was a first for the pressed bearings industry. Based on this system, which serves to incorporate global standards on a daily task level, FUJI is continually improving and building upon its means of diffusing detailed orders and other communications through its development, production and delivery processes, as well as upon its quality control methods and internal framework for after-sales service.

Our resolve towards the global environment and heightened challenge in the international arena


FUJI has wasted on time in addressing reductions on the burden on the environments, which will become an increasingly vital issue for all corporations active on the global front. The daily undertaking of new challenges is part of our DNA here at FUJI.
By obtaining both the ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications in 1999, we assure that we can make up fundamentals to be a global concern.

Aiming at The Acquisition of IATF16949
(Old TS16949)

Fuji aims at the acquisition of lATF16949 to get trust from every customers more.
Therefore, we keep on challenging an action to the next stage by the participation of all the members in management.