What is FUJI?
What is FUJI?

77 years as an accomplished manufacturer in the materials handling component field

FUJI has committed itself to technology for materials handling for 77 years, including transport utilities for materials, components and products and automated lines for its production site. We got our beginnings as a developer of pressed bearings and later branched out into the development of conveyor rollers. Our subsequently-formed technology-sharing alliance with Switzerland-based Interroll would help us bring forth a variety of products. Through these efforts, we have been able to continually demonstrate innovation in the areas of production and distribution. Even after entering the 21st century, our stance and spirit in this regard has not changed, and we look at current efforts as the first in a series of building blocks for our plan for the next ten years. The kind of technology and reliability that only FUJI can provide will continue to propel us steadily forward through this new century.

We will not stop progress, nor fear change

No progress can be achieved from failure to address issues at hand. Similarly, no future can be expected of corporations that fear innovation. Since its founding, FUJI has kept both of these tenets close to heart, and has continued to demonstrate initiative in the world of materials handling. Our persistent efforts have allowed us to secure our current position as the leading manufacturer in the industry. Our spirit of addressing change head-on, which has remained steadfast for over 77 years, has taken deep root not only within our development and design staff but also within those employees associated with production and sales. This spirit is apparent in each and every product we make, and has been a point of high praise by a number of clients. Naturally, however, we refuse to remain content with our current accomplishments, and continually put the past behind us as we strive to retain a corporate culture that seeks to affect change from the ground up. At FUJI, this desire to continue supplying the market with ever-improving materials handling products is deeply embedded into our corporate DNA.