What is FUJI?
What is FUJI?

Challenge to the new field and fearless DNA to the reform will lead us to the centennial company.
From the foundation to the leading company:

FUJI has been founded in 1939 at the Higashinari ward of Osaka city as the manufacture of lighter and flask. And this year is 80th year in business.
When we manufactured the Rolling Bearing Cage, we strongly entrusted the Press Bearing, which is essential of industrial activity, with our company’s future.
In 1970, we have concluded sales and technical tie-up agreement with Interroll. Interroll is the Swiss based manufacture of material-handling equipment. Since then, we have started import and export business and our challenge to the overseas market has begun.
Today, Fuji became the leading manufacture of bearing and conveyor components which are essential parts for automated production line at factory and warehouse.

Production reform is infinite

In order to eliminate the loss completely, we have formed manufacturing and sales synchronized management. Also the introduction of in-house developed “LCA” (Low Cost Automation) have helped us to build our consistently integrated production system which controls all the stage of manufacturing process, such as pressing, turning, washing, assembling, inspection, packing and shipping.
We are also adopting our know-how of mold making and facility development to guarantee our high quality products.

Aiming to the true international standard company

Head office is located at Kita ward, Osaka City and the headquarter function and manufacturing facilities are concentrated at Iga City, Mie Prefecture. We are also procuring the world level China made bearing for resales. We have established our own subsidiaries at Shanghai in 2018 and at Singapore in 2019. We are now accelerating world-wide procurement and marketing.

Never stop our development and we do not afraid of reform

There is no evolution without challenge. There is no future for the company who afraid to reform. FUJI has this philosophy since we started our business and leading the material-handling industries. Our 80 years of history of reforms are penetrated into the no only R&D section but also all the staff of production, sales, technical, sales and general affair. We are also not satisfied current achievement and always reforming from scratch. This corporate culture is succeeded to the generations.

We always challenge for the new business fields for the future and we trust this will lead to survive our company in the future.