High quality productivity under “KAIZEN” that continuously carried out !
Facility and Equipment
Iga factory

Under ISO9001 as well as ISO14001 qualification our Iga factory is operated. With a good assortments of variety, advanced technology, i.e. our original designed LCA(Low Cost Automation System) machines FUJI has total production line system for tooling, small parts, Outer・Inner rings, assembling, inspection, and storing. Fuji factory has been ranking the first among the Japanese Pressed Bearing industry, and FUJI bearings are sold in the world markets.

●Full automatic assembling machine 1

●Full automatic assembling machine 2

●Full automatic assembling machine 3

●Pressed bearing full automatic checking machine

●Servo press 110t (product made by Komatsu)

●Servo press 200t (product made by Amada)

●Transfer press machine

●Lathe machine

●Omni wheel full automatic assembling machine

●Hardness testing equipment

●Non-contact image sizer

●Non-contact image shape measuring instrument